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Come and see us!

What to Expect When You Visit...

At Adams, we make donuts fresh and in-house daily!  We mix batters for our cake-style donuts and mix our yeast dough once or even twice per day.  We don't sell these donuts the next day and so we don't plan for a lot of extras so the earlier you arrive, the more donuts we will have and the better the selection!  There are days when we sell out of some or all varieties before closing.  Feel free to call us before you stop in to ask about selection!  Leftovers, if we have them, are generally donated to a local nonprofit.  

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Can I order donuts?

We are currently taking phone orders only; we may move back to online pre-ordering in early 2021 - we're still evaluating.  Whether or not we can commit to an order will depend on a few things including the day of pick-up, any other orders we may have and, for same-day requests, what our stock is and whether we have a long line.  Please give us a call to talk through what you'd like!

Other Helpful Info

We make delicious breakfast sandwiches!  We stock them throughout the morning till about 10am and keep them hot for a quick, grab-and-go breakfast and we also take phone orders for sandwiches through 9:45am so that you can be sure what you'd like is ready when you arrive.

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