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Open Wed-Sat 6am-12:30pm and Sun 7am-2pm

The Adams Story...

Charles and Myra Adams began the Greenfield Adams Donuts tradition 65+ years ago when they started producing donuts in their garage on Conway Street in the 1940s.  They  first opened Adams Donut Shop in the current Greenfield location in 1956 and their son Earl and other Adams family members continued to operate the donut shop in Greenfield and produce fresh, delicious donuts until 1989, when it was sold outside of the Adams family for the first time.  A second shop was opened in Brattleboro, VT in 1959 and served that town for many decades as well.

After a few changes in ownership, the shop was closed down in March 2020 as a result of the initial restaurant restrictions around the covid-19 pandemic.  In the fall of 2020, sisters Sidra Baranoski and Sabra Billings purchased Adams and set out with the goal of adding new life to the business while still retaining the magic that has made Adams a local favorite for so many decades: fresh, locally-produced donuts in a welcoming, community-focused atmosphere.  Sidra and Sabra have maintained Adam's famous favorite donut varieties, branded as Adams Classics, and added a new line of fun, premium donuts branded as Adams Fancies.  They have also added other fun, delicious bakery treats to their donut offerings and look forward to serving friends and neighbors and sharing a special piece of Greenfield with visitors.

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